Steps to Public Participation

Why focus on community engagement?

Build Municipal Government

Build Citizens...who are engaged and informed

Build being a welcoming community.


  • Make a difference in your community.
  • Learn more about how the Township works
  • Influence decisions and plans
  • Inspire new behaviour and actions


  • Learn about council
  • Serve your community
  • Participate in ShapeSouthgate online
  • Join a committee


  • Receive news concerning the Township and community events
  • Become more knowledgeable about Township decisions, procedures, and services
  • Access township information with ease

IAP2 Public Participation Spectrum

The International Association for Public Participation‟s (IAP2) spectrum of participation is a recognized global standard for identifying the different levels of participation. Five levels of engagement, referenced from the IAP2's Public Participation Spectrum, will be used in the Township of Southgate community engagement activities.

IAP2's Public Participation Spectrum shows the possible types of engagement with stakeholders and communities. The spectrum also shows the increasing level of public impact progressing through the spectrum beginning with "inform" through to "empower".